Deliver measurable results with easy team messaging

Texting has become a preferred mode of communication because it’s fast, easy and effective. This is especially true for deskless workers who don’t have time to sift through countless emails. With messaging, workers quickly get the information needed to complete a task and move on. The ability to choose from Official Groups or create Ad hoc Groups on the fly allows teams to be highly efficient, improving utilization rates. Archiving old messages further streamlines communication and also makes information easy to find.


Start 1:1 messaging with anyone in the organization

On any device, including desktop, securely send a text message to anyone in the organization by simply searching the name. Intuitively designed, Zinc behaves exactly like your favorite mobile consumer app but with controls and security built-in to deploy at enterprise scale.


Join or create a group to message

Zinc groups facilitate communications among three or more individuals. Zinc makes this easy with two types of groups: Ad hoc and Official. Ad hoc Groups can be created by any user at any time, whereas Official Groups can only be created by Zinc administrators, and also can be automatically synced with existing groups in Microsoft's Active Directory. Message histories can be exported and stored for review at a later date, if needed.


Sharing Details – Location, files, videos, sound, even screen

Zinc understands that different modes are needed to efficiently convey information across teams. It really depends on location, the task-at-hand and urgency. Perhaps it’s sharing the exact location so a team member can be quickly found, or sending a picture of the job site to convey exactly what is happening. Zinc's All Mode capabilities and application integrations including Dropbox, Box, Salesforce, and Google Drive give many options to solve the task at hand, directly from the phone or mobile device.


Go hands-free and catch-up by listening to voice or text messages

Sometimes it's difficult to access the phone when finishing an install or driving to the next customer site. With Zinc’s “Hands Free” feature, stay constantly connected while driving safely or working through a troubleshooting call. Or simply stay available to a customer in front of you. Once turned on, incoming messages are read out aloud and any responses are recorded and sent back to the recipient as a voice response. Get caught up on all messages after a full day of work by turning on the “Catch up” feature, which enables all unread messages to be read aloud.

3rd Party Messaging

Adding external users to Zinc

Need to communicate with someone who is not part of the organization? No problem. Zinc easily adds external people such as contractors or seasonal workers to conversations and messages using an email address. Most importantly, these individuals don’t need to be added to the organization, thereby restricting access to sensitive data or contact information.

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