A live video call solves issues faster

Zinc’s All Mode communication platform makes it easy to switch from one form of communication to another. Simply press the video icon in a chat or phone call screen and instantly switch to a video call. This allows instant sharing with teammates on what's happening at that moment or a better way to troubleshoot an issue.


Avert Delays during important events

An important event is underway at a bustling hotel. Synchronization across teams is crucial for everything to run smoothly. With a few minutes to go before opening the doors, the team realizes the AV is not working and the technician is tied-up installing at a different location. Luckily, the tech gets on a quick video call using Zinc to explain the problem and the mini crisis is averted.

Hospitality Solutions


Stay connected in tricky environments

A new technician working on an important project needs to go underground to check on a piece of equipment. Being underground, there is no signal and no way to start a video call, so the technician records a video of the machine to document the unusual sounds it’s making. Once above ground, the tech immediately sends the video to a fellow seasoned technician who quickly identifies the problem and provides a solution sharing a content link. With all modes working in Zinc, technicians get work done faster than ever before.

Manufacturing Solutions