Sometimes a live call is what it takes

Sending a text message is fast and easy but isn't always the best way to communicate. A live phone call may be a better mode to resolve something quickly. With the press of a button you can conduct clear, reliable phone calls without ever having to leave Zinc. You don't need to know phone-numbers of even look them up. Just click the name to start the call. And with Zinc's VoIP option, WiFi is all that is needed to make the call.


Conduct conference calls using Zinc

Using Zinc, there is no need to exchange phone numbers or search for conference dial-in numbers and codes. Instantly begin a call with any member of a group and connect with up to 250 people on a group call, at any time. Deskless workers no longer miss out on important conversations because joining directly from Zinc is just one click away.


Make calls anywhere for free

With your smartphone connected to a cellular network or WiFi, make calls to other Zinc users without incurring charges. Save money and keep everyone on the team informed and connected, regardless of geography.

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