Simplify Team & Corporate Communication

Whether your team consists of service technicians or sales reps in the field, utility linemen, substation technicians, or a call center team supporting in-home service agents, you need simple, effective communication to bring your team together and get the job done. Zinc's corporate communication software gets you there.

Your Must-Have Corporate Communication Tool

Zinc's team chat software brings every mode to the table—Messaging, Voice, Video, Push to Talk and Broadcasts—to keep teams connected and close the gap between corporate and the field. With access on mobile and desktop, Zinc's team and corporate communication tools allow you to reach the workforce in real time.

  • Get questions are answered by the right colleague
  • Resolve customer problems in record time
  • Coordinate with dispatch effortlessly

Using powerful group capabilities, teams troubleshoot problems, celebrate wins, share stories, ask questions, and more. Discover new ways to connect with coworkers, improve team communication, and drive efficiency with Zinc's corporate communication software.

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1:1 and group messaging keeps everyone connected in real time.


Switch to a live 1:1 or group voice conversation and get answers fast.


Share live experiences with another team member, wherever you are.

Push to Talk

Easily start a live audio stream, just like a walkie-talkie, with any Zinc Group.


Drive knowledge sharing from corporate teams and the C-suite to the front lines.

Increase Productivity

Minutes on the clock are critical

Using effective team messaging apps is crucial for enabling real-time communication and collaboration while on the job. When service teams can troubleshoot live with anyone in the org and quickly find the right information, they can operate at the level and speed that customers demand.

Boosting important business metrics like first time fix and utilization rates all comes down to how well teams can communicate.

  • Get expert help without needing to know who to contact
  • Arrange an inventory transfer with a quick location share
  • Reschedule a visit with dispatch in seconds

At Vivint Smart Home, Field Service teams have become more efficient after using Zinc's corporate communication software, resulting in a 37% drop in time to service and 27% drop in returns of installs.

Boost Retention

Service teams must be engaged

Frontline teams are often left in the dark in terms of top-down company communications. When employees aren't kept in-the-know, they disconnect and eventually leave the organization.

With Zinc's team communication service, all work-related conversations and updates happen in a single, easy-to-use application.

  • Use Broadcasts to push important information directly to employees
  • View real-time analytics to understand message engagement

Watch the webcast below to see the power of having each employee supported by the entire organization in Zinc's corporate communication work app.

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Instant Answers

Field workers easily tap into field tribal knowledge and coordinate with other teams to quickly solve customer problems while on the job.

Quick Information Access

Immediate access to install guides, training videos, pictures and other content keep teams moving quickly without frustration.

Effective Alerts

Improve employee safety and awareness with attention-grabbing Broadcasts that are easy for teams to refer to while on the job.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customers demand that you go above and beyond

When an employee's ability to complete a work order has a direct impact on your customer’s business, as well as your bottom line, it’s vital for technicians to have instant access to employee knowledge and company resources.

Effective team communication allows onsite issues to be resolved faster, preventing frustrating delays for customers. After getting their teams on Zinc, multiple companies have made significant improvements in customer satisfaction and company reputation.

See how DISH is using Zinc's corporate communication software to connect field technicians with their office-based support teams to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

What Customers Are Saying

"When a technician completes an install, they can communicate and celebrate by sending messages back and forth with other team members. Each team has its own culture and ‘heartbeat,’ so to speak because they have access to Zinc."

- Kyle Christensen, Vivint Smart Home

"Often, leadership is never even aware of the day-to-day activities. They’re only brought in for the crises. How can they truly take ownership and help the organization improve under this model? Zinc is helping overcome this challenge."

- Dave Murphy, Pepper Construction

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Reach deskless workers on the devices they use

When a large segment of your workforce is deskless, getting important or urgent information to the teams in real time is challenging. Traditional office-based technology like email or corporate intranets go unread, leaving deskless workers siloed from the information that can engage and inform them. In addition to feeling disconnected, they lack the real-time knowledge that can drive results.

Ensuring deskless workers receive the information they need is key to maintaining a strong frontline workforce. Enterprises must reach their deskless employees on the devices they use every day—a mobile device, not a desktop computer, through the same platform they already use for work communications. You can simplify team communication with Zinc's enterprise chat software, ensuring workers are always connected to the important or urgent information they need to do a great job.


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Available Across iOS, Android, Mac and Windows

No matter what devices your teams use, Zinc keeps everyone informed.

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