Time To Get Organized

Are You Ready to Get Organized?

A big winner on last year’s gift list was a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.  A short little book about how to get organized and stay there. Given the wild success of that book, it’s clear that we are all looking for small ways to get a little more organized in all aspects of our lives.  And keeping Zinc organized is no different, which is why we have released an awesome new feature called Organizations.

We heard from lots of customers that the reason they love Zinc is because they can easily communicate with more than just company employees. “As a manager of a casual workforce, Zinc allows information to flow in both directions quickly,” commented one of our users. Since Zinc is built from the ground up as a global platform to allow anyone to talk to anyone, it’s already easy to reach across company boundaries. It works great if you want to reach out to someone you already know, but what about those you don’t? Say a part-time contractor or a third-party supplier? There was no easy way for you to find them.

Enter Organizations

Now Zinc Administrators can set up an organization and add people to it, no matter what their email address is or what company they work for. Once someone is added to an organization: they are discoverable in the people directory in the Zinc app, they can be added to Official Groups and will show up in other people’s searches.

This unique feature gives companies of all sizes, and especially ones with contractor or casual workforces, a simple and tidy way to manage their communications. Furthermore, the full power of Organizations is realized when multiple companies are working on joint activities, like the construction of a manufacturing facility or multi-provider healthcare network.  By helping Zinc administrators do a little tidying up, an organization can become more powerful and enable the workforce to connect with the people they need to do great work.

Now some people might be thinking “I have tens of thousands of people in my company. I want to see less people, not more!” Don’t worry Organizations has you covered too! Not only can an Organization be a collection of companies and external employees, but it can also help Zinc administrators bring structure to a large global rollout. Let’s say you are a big hotel group and have hundreds of properties around the world, now each property can be a self-managed organization, simplifying rollout and administration.  And because of Zinc’s underlying global platform, it’s easy for users to be in more than one organization without the user having to worry about jumping between different accounts.

Our team is focused on continuing to develop features that help you and your workforce do great work each day. Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future! As I wrote earlier – we are on a mission to make every worker a connected worker.  We are breaking new ground with Organizations providing a unique capability to help businesses of all sizes have an open, secure, manageable, efficient way for all their employees to stay in zinc.


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