Operations and frontline teams stay in-the-know

Customers need to know when arrival times change. Updates from transportation teams go directly to customer support and everyone can stay 'on the same page'.

Being prepared for any change is critical for transportation and logistics.

Instantly relay load and unloading times from any device so operations run smoothly. Transporting goods or passengers requires real-time communication and collaboration across multiple teams with central operations relaying all kinds of information to the front lines. Keep everyone in-the-know with an easy-to-use central communication app for business.

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Drive Measurable Business Results

  • First-Time Fix
  • Mean Time to Repair
  • Completion Rates
  • Upsells
  • Field Visibility
  • First-Time Fix

    Improve technician accuracy by equipping them with the collective knowledge and resources held by your organization. With information and help at their fingertips, technicians have everything they need to get the job done right the first time.

    • Use Hotline Groups to tap the knowledge of the entire field service organization at any time
    • Troubleshoot live via messaging, file sharing, voice calls, and video calls to ensure the issue is resolved
    • Quickly access necessary product and installation guides in the Broadcasts feed
  • Mean Time to Repair

    Real-time communication greases the wheels between workflow and knowledge so that technicians can complete jobs even faster.

    • Immediately inform technicians of schedule changes to avoid wasted time
    • Give techs the ability to troubleshoot live with field service pros through messaging, voice and video calls
    • Instantly broadcast new training videos and installation procedures to ensure the service team isn’t making unnecessary mistakes
  • Completion Rates

    Improve time to resolution by streamlining communication between teams and scheduling centers. With better response times, more work orders are completed each day.

    • Share locations in regional groups for easy part exchanges so technicians don’t have to reschedule the job
    • Message the scheduling center to notify them that a job is complete
    • Dispatch responds right away, reducing 15-minute wait times between office and field-based teams to only 1-3 minutes
  • Upsells

    One of the easiest ways to boost revenue, upselling is becoming more of a focus for large cable companies. Ensuring technicians are prepared to switch gears from service to sales is key.

    • Connect the service team with the sales team in an Offical Group for timely Q&A’s
    • Quick coaching calls help technicians reach their quotas
    • Mobile access to product documentation further prepares technicians for upsell opportiunities
  • Field Visibility

    Get visibility into the daily challenges, frustrations, and successes that field teams encounter. Communication Analytics reveal user activity, hot topics, patterns among teams, and more.

    • Stay involved in Official Groups to know what challenges technicians are facing
    • Monitor Ad Hoc group creation to see trending topics
    • View engagement reports, conversation reports, and network maps to see broad communication trends

Take your whole team to your next customer visit

Every time a service technician conducts a customer call in the field, they need all the answers (and parts) to get the job done. But what happens when they don’t? Do they start calling around to other techs? Or worse, email someone, then wait (and waste customers’ time) until they get an answer? Imagine if they could bring the whole team with them to each customer visit. Watch Zinc's on-demand webinar and learn how an entire services organization can benefit from staying connected on one communication platform.

Watch the Webcast

Hands Free

Keep employees informed without risking safety through hands-free capabilities. Get messages read aloud and answer back with the click of a button.


Broadcasts give drivers a heads-up on all timely or critical information, such as severe weather alerts or schedule changes.


Manage users and groups from one central console. Ensure teams in the field and at the office are connected and communicating effectively.

"Those folks making it happen are just not checking email, and that's what led us to Zinc"

Asterios Satrazemis, CEO of BlueLine Rental places a strong emphasis on culture and communication. At BlueLine, ABC doesn't stand for "Always Be Closing", it stands for "Always Be Connecting". And with Zinc's business central communication app in the hands of BlueLien employees, connecting is easy.