Real-Time Communication While On the Go

Operations and front line teams stay in-the-know

Customers need to know when arrival times change. Updates from transportation teams go directly to customer support and everyone can stay 'on the same page'. Being prepared for any change is critical for transportation and logistics. Instantly relay load and unloading times from any device so operations runs smoothly. Transporting goods or passengers requires real-time communication and collaboration across multiple teams with central operations relaying all kinds of information to the front lines, keeping everyone in-the-know.

Hands Free

Keep employees informed without risking safety through hands-free capabilities. Get messages read aloud and answer back with the click of a button.


Broadcasts give drivers a heads-up on all timely or critical information, such as severe weather alerts or schedule changes.


Manage users and groups from one central console. Ensure teams in the field and at the office are connected and communicating effectively.

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“When I joined BlueLine Rental the business was losing thousands of dollars each month. Now we are thriving, becoming profitable in just 18 months. Zinc has played an important part in our turnaround.”

– Asterios Satrazemis, CEO

Communication and Culture

"Those folks making it happen are just not checking email, and that's what led us to Zinc"

Asterios Satrazemis, CEO of BlueLine Rental places a strong emphasis on culture and communication. At BlueLine, ABC doesn't stand for "Always Be Closing", it stands for "Always Be Connecting".