Walkie Talkie Replacement Brings Cost Savings for Hospitality Organizations

Gaining a Competitive Edge

The hospitality industry has become increasingly competitive and customer expectations are on the rise. Simply delivering what is expected isn’t enough. Front-end team members must go above and beyond, creating memorable moments where they truly connect with guests. Maintenance and housekeeping must stay “on their toes” ready to assist a guest or team member at a moment’s notice.

While many factors impact a company’s ability to excel, communication sits at the core. Those working in front of guests need access to the information, resources, and people that allow them to succeed. And just as much as front-line teams need to stay in-the-know, so does management, whose visibility into what’s going on at the property can mean success or failure.

Legacy Walkie Talkie vs. New All Mode Technology

In hospitality, the walkie talkie has been extremely valuable in helping staff deliver exceptional service due to its real-time nature and ease of use.

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Front desk staff coordinate guest requests with team members. Maintenance and engineering staff stay on top of high priority work orders. Security staff discreetly respond to emergency situations. Housekeeping coordinates with the front-end to ensure rooms are ready for guests upon check-in. The value of instantaneous walkie talkie communication spreads far and wide across the property, allowing staff to create delightful guest experiences.

But now with advancements in technology, there is a huge opportunity to significantly lower the total cost of ownership and provide greater versatility for employees in how they communicate. For the first time, hospitality organizations can swap the combo of smartphones and two-way radios for a single All Mode Communication app that combines walkie talkie functionality with all other modes of communication such as messaging, voice, video, file sharing and more.

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