Product Update: Zinc Launches Hands Free

Zinc Users Can Now Go Hands-Free

Today, voice-powered technologies are quite widespread, with Siri and Alexa helping thousands of people get the information they need. Rather than a fading trend, voice interaction has proven to be an important tool that goes hand in hand with mobile use.

As we continually develop Zinc to have the best features for deskless workers, incorporating features that let users go “hands-free” is critical. For deskless workers in field service, maintenance, construction, hospitality and related fields, real-time communication is vital, but pulling out a phone isn’t always an option.

When you are driving to the job site, fixing a machine 30 feet in the air, or working in front of guests, staying in the loop isn’t possible if it requires checking your phone. But what if you could be in-the-know with vital information without ever having to look at a screen? Zinc’s new Hands Free feature makes this a reality.

How it Works

Simply turn on Hands Free and all of your incoming messages are read out you. To respond, all you have to do is click on your headset to record and send a voice reply. Don’t want to hear certain conversations? Simply mute them with a swipe.

Zinc Launches Voice Assist

By using Hands Free, you can stay informed even if you are climbing up a ladder or busy working on an installation. This also keeps you from texting while driving, removing the dangers of communication while on the go.

Key Features

  1. Listen: Each incoming message is automatically read aloud
  2. Talk: Simply click a button to record and send a voice response back to the person or group
  3. Catch Up: Opt to have Zinc read out unread messages when you turn on Hands Free

Ready to try it out? Download the latest version of Zinc and turn on Hands Free in settings.

For more information on Hands Free, visit the Zinc Help Center.


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